The Company


Quality Assurance

Assuming a wide internal quality program, the employee team of the Quality Assurance Department along with renowned external certifiers ensure that products and services are within the international required standards.


Our products are in accordance with the strict standards of Kosher food law, in hygiene and maximum quality, governing the Orthodox Jewish diet. The soybean oil and the soy lecithin are products manufactured in compliance with the Jewish food law. See our certificate, click here.


CJ Selecta’s Non-GMO (non-genetically modified) products are in accordance with European regulations for feed and food. All the Non-GMO products are ensured from the delivery spot through Non-GMO certifications, issued by the partner company SGS, using the advanced technology for analysis, PCR – Polymerase Chain Reaction. See our certificate, click here.


Own Lab

Selecta owns a modern laboratory for the accomplishment of routine analysis and monitoring of important quality parameters. The essential control of mycotoxins, salmonella and heavy metals is routinely performed.

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