The Company

Infrastructure and Logistics

Selecta’s plant

It is located in Minas Gerais state. It has a wide area and excellent infrastructure, which assures ideal conditions for production, storage and distribution.

Products are stored in bulk, big bags or small bags (25kg bags), and may be shipped either by railroad or roadway system (bulk or in containers).

In order to reach the most different places and customers, CJ Selecta has recently invested in bulk containers, another shipping option for products.


The plant’s privileged location plus logistics and distribution channels of products are some of the strengths of the company.

Bulk goods are transported by railway to Tubarao Port, in Espirito Santo where CJ Selecta has operated non-GMO segregated products for 15 years. Tubarão’s port is considered as an excellent efficiency channel, and it counts with one the best operational structures in the country.

Shipments in containers are distributed worldwide through the largest port in Brazil – Santos Port in Sao Paulo state.